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How Jacked are Your Adrenals

Posted by     on January 30, 2019

My eyes are sensitive to light. Always rockin’ my sunglasses in the pick-up line.

I am under a ton of stress.

I have at least one kiddo under the age of 3.

I have at least 2 kids that are less than 3 years apart.

My energy crashes in the afternoon and Mommy wants a nap!

I need coffee to get through my day. Please don’t take away my coffee!

Sex drive, what sex drive?

I get dizzy when I stand up.

I have put on a few extra pounds that aren’t going away.

I feel overwhelmed with my daily to do list.

My neck… my back… and all my joints hurt more than they used to.

I have trouble sleeping. Because of kids, a snoring husband, or any reason at all.

I love sugar and eat it daily.

I push snooze as many times as possible before getting up in the morning.

Whose got time for home cooked meals? Most of mine are from a box or the drive threw.

I have allergies. Hachooo!

I have a chronic inflammatory condition (think: eczema, asthma, diabetes, IBS, arthritis, etc.)

I get less than 6 hours of sleep most nights.

I have a drink at least a couple times a week. It’s for my sanity… Cheers!

I have been diagnosed with low thyroid function or think I should be but haven’t been tested.

How Jacked are Your Adrenals
Take a chill pill! Alarm Phase

Your body is in the fight or flight mode! Adrenal glands are pumping out cortisol to protect you from a perceived emergency. The alarm phase is designed for an acute emergency. Imagine you are in your car speeding, cause you have to go number two so bad that you are happy you have a pack of wipes on board. Then the sirens of a police car light up behind you. Adrenaline surges and whatta ya know? You no longer have to poop. Rest and digest has shut off and your body is now in emergency mode, causing normal function to cease. Now imagine you are stuck in emergency mode. This is when shit goes down hill and you start to wonder why you aren’t sleeping well, why your digestion is messed up, why you have more panic or anxiety. If this emergency state continues you will eventually move into the resistance phase, which has a whole new set of issues. So, what do you do? Lighten your stress load. Exercise, deep breathing, organization skills, and learning to say NO are all ways to help decrease this stress response and move out of alarm phase. It is also important to get with a Naturopath to help nourish those adrenal glands so they can continue function amongst all the stress.
Your ongoing stress has caught up to you! Resistance Phase

Your body has been over stressed for too long. You have moved out of alarm phase, which is designed to handle an acute stressor, and into the resistance phase because that acute stressor just wouldn’t quit. When is the last time you plopped your butt on the couch to relax and didn’t have a million things on your to do list go through your mind? When you lose the ability to just relax because you feel guilty about what you aren’t doing, things need to change! You have so much cortisol chillin’ in your body that your cells are ignoring its demands. The benefits of cortisol in the alarm phase lose their luster and you are left with all its pit falls. Your immune system, weight, and energy are all suffering. Not only do you need to find ways to reduce and manage your stressors. I know… if only there were more time in the day! You also need to find a Naturopath to support these adrenal glands before they crash! And when that happens, you can think about your to do list all day long, but you just won’t have an ounce of energy to get a damn thing done. The next phase, Exhaustion phase is where disease sets in. Let’s work together to prevent all that madness!
Shit is getting real and you need some help! Exhaustion Phase

Now you’ve done it! You have made your way through alarm, into resistance, now your body is just wiped out! You may not be making much cortisol at all, which means you are really freakin’ tired! And inflammation is starting to take over your body. Inflammation is the start to all chronic disease, so we need to turn this train around quick! If you want to be around to meet your Grand babies they let’s get your shit together! The team at Stellar Health and Wellness has all the tools to help you rebuild your adrenal glands, learn to eat right, manage your stressors, stay out of pain and prevent disease. Not only do your adrenals manage inflammation, they also play a key role in hormone balance and blood sugar stability. So unless you are ready to get on the crazy train to Diabetes and hot flash hell through menopause, you must get your adrenals back on track!

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