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Winter Is Coming! Dr. Della’s Top 5 Immune Boosting Posts

Posted by     on September 15, 2017

Dr Della Parker_Winter Is Coming-Dr Dellas Top 5 Immune Boosting Posts

In the hit series Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming,” is used as a warning to help those prepare for all the perils of a colder season. You too can heed this warning by prepping your immune system to fight the colds your kids bring home from school, the colder weather stressing your immune system, and all the other factors that make colds and flues prevalent in the winter. These five popular immune posts from Dr. Della Parker will help boost your immune system.

15 Signs & Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

Remember, 70% of your immune system lives in the gut. When your gut is all jacked up, your immune system suffers. This equals more disease! Read the 15 symptoms adrenal fatigue.

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome — Gut Health

Your ileocecal valve (ICV) plays a key role in digestive health. The ICV is located just down from your belly button and half way to your right hip. This valve connects your small and large intestines. If functioning correctly, like any sphincter, it should open and close allowing small amounts of substance to pass at a time. If this valve becomes irritated it can become stuck open, closed, or alternate between the two. This can result in diarrhea, constipation, or both. Read how a healthy gut makes a healthy immune system.

Injection Therapies

Vitamin B12 is needed to produce DNA and cellular components of all cells in the body. Deficiency can be caused by disorders of the immune system. Many people try to replace B12 via oral supplementation. Unfortunately the digestive process renders much of ingested B12 useless to the body. This is why a more appropriate means of replacement is an intramuscular injection. Learn the benefits of a B12 injection.

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is a treatment that uses water to stimulate healing. During a constitutional hydrotherapy visit, a patient receives applications of alternating hot and cold towels to the chest and back. This blood pumping action facilitates healing.  Increasing circulation alone can be very healing but with the addition of sine wave, the impact is multiplied. Sine wave helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. This system lies just under the surface of the skin and runs your immune system. This mild electro-current causes lymphatic cells to travel around the body, thus increasing immune function.  Read how Constitutional hydrotherapy is great for colds and flu.

Real Food Diet & Food Intolerance Evaluation

A healthy diet is a huge factor in the health of your immune system. Every doctor has a different definition of a healthy diet. It gets confusing! Trust me, I know. I have sifted through all the information and now I can preach what I feel is the healthiest diet for most. This post also has a nice explanation of Food Intolerance Testing and how it is related to providing clues about your immune system.

Dr. Della Parker was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science. She then went on to graduate from the National College of Natural Medicine, also in Portland. She currently practices in Clackamas, Oregon. Learn more about Dr. Della.

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