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What is Ileocecal Valve Syndrome?

Posted by     on August 31, 2016

Dr Della Parker_Iliocecal Valve Syndrome

Have you experienced a sudden onset of inflammation without a source of trauma? Sudden inflammation absent of trauma is the trademark of ileocecal valve syndrome. The ileocecal valve connects your small and large intestines allowing a small amount of substance to pass at a time. If this valve becomes irritated it can become stuck open, closed, or alternate between the two. With 70% of your immune system living in your digestive tract, an irritated ileocaecal valve could impair your immune system and therefore impose a serious threat to your health.

Typical Symptoms of Your Ileocecal Valve

The ICV causes so many different symptoms that it has been called the “great mimicker” by the chiropractic profession. Its symptoms can manifest far from the source of their cause and are often very perplexing until you understand what is creating them.

ICV symptoms can present as joint pain, circulation problems, muscular aches and pains, pinched nerves, or even whole body arthritis. The following lists many of the common symptoms attributed to the malfunctioning ICV, as related to how the patient experiences them. See if you have experienced any of them in the past. If you have, perhaps you can check them off and discuss them with hopefully your chiropractor or natural therapies provider.

  • Sudden, stabbing, sharp low back or leg pain that feels just like a disc pain, especially when sitting or driving, with no mechanical cause
  • A standing curvature that makes it look as though your back or hip is out. There may not be a specific pain the person can perceive, yet the distorted body posture can be seen in a mirror or by others
  • Sharp, pinpoint headaches, especially on the left side, at the base of the skull
  • Dull headaches, which often linger for hours in the frontal area
  • Migraine headaches are frequently of ileocecal origin as a system-wide response to the toxicity of the ICV
  • Chronic sinus infection, dripping sinuses, especially when not during allergy season
  • Allergies, the type often wrongly attributed to dust, cat hair, and mites
  • Dark circles under the eyes, puffy cheeks
  • “Loose bowels” not quite diarrhea, but looser than should be
  • Any of the “colon syndromes” such as Crohn’s Disease, spastic colon, irritable bowel, Celiac Disease
  • Burning leg pain (that feels like a nerve) into the front of the left thigh
  • “Asthma-like” symptoms
  • General non-specific lower GI discomfort or symptoms often attributed to a psychological cause by practitioners unfamiliar with the ICV

Treatment for Ileocecal Valve Syndrome involves cleaning up your diet and taking supplementation to heal gut lining and restore ICV function. Getting exercise, a good nights sleep, and balancing any other contributing organ systems are also key to healing ileocecal valve syndrome. Learn more about Ileocecal Valve Syndrome or start healing your ileocecal valve with help from Dr. Della Parker. Call 503-344-6631 for a free consultation today.

SRC: Learn more about Ileocecal  Valve Syndrome at: digestiveawareness.drupalgardens.com/content/ileocecal-valve-preventing-backflow

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