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What Are Adrenal Glands? Adrenal Education Series Coming!

Posted by     on March 22, 2019

At Stellar Health and Wellness, we’re developing an education series dedicated to the adrenal glands. This series will help you find out why you are so tired and what you can do about it! Until then, here is a quick introduction to what adrenal glands are and what they do for you.

What are adrenal glands?

Adrenal glands are small glands located on top of each kidney.

What do adrenal glands do?

Adrenal glands produce many hormones including cortisol. Cortisol is the stress and inflammation handler of the body. If you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue your adrenals won’t be able to successfully manage inflammation. When your inflammation is out of control it causes disease! It’s extremely important to maintain healthy adrenal glands to prevent inflammation from destroying your body’s health.

How to support adrenal glands?

We are developing an in-depth adrenal gland educational series. If you want to learn about your adrenal glands, including how to support your adrenal glands, stay tuned. We can’t wait to share our adrenal education series with you!

How jacked are your adrenals?

Visit StellarHW.com to take our How Jacked are your Adrenals quiz. This adrenal quiz will help you determine if your adrenal glands are in good shape, if they need some support, or if they’re totally tanked and in need of some TLC. Take our quick and easy adrenal quiz today!

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