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Watch Stellar Moms Talk About the Wet Sock Treatment

Posted by     on October 8, 2018

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When it is cold and flu season and your kid starts to feel yucky you will want to nip that cold in the bud. If they are already sick you will want to get them back to health faster. Watch Stellar Mommies talk about the wet sock treatment below and how they use the treatment for their own kids.



Alternating hot and cold water to stimulate blood flow in the body is a super effective old school way to ramp up immune function. Next time you take a shower try running it on cold for about 60 seconds at the end. Yikes! We know, but this is good for your immune function.


This causes your body to shunt blood from your internal organs to the periphery. This movement of blood prevents stagnation of the immune system, leaving you feeling tip top with a hop in your step. After you try it, recommend it to your family.

The cold sock treatment works on the same principle. Your body wants to keep itself at a constant temperature. When you soak in warm water for a while and then switch to a cold environment, your body will send blood from the internal organs to your feet. In a nutshell, it increases blood circulation throughout the entire body.  This also increases activity in the lymphatic system (immune fighter cells).


This is a staple in our house. If the kids get the sniffles or we feel like we may be coming down with something, I slap on a pair of wet socks at bedtime and I am renewed by morning.  It’s easy. Take a pair of dry warm feet, cover them up with some semi wrung out drippy cold wet cotton socks (just do it…), then cover the wet socks with a pair of thicker dry socks. Now put those feet to bed! It may feel a little funky at first, but it should help to put you right to sleep. You will wake up in the morning feeling oh so much better and your little tootsies will be dry as a bone. The wet socks initiate movement of blood and lymph so that your immune fighter cells can increase surveillance and killing of those yucky buggies all over your body.

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