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Top 9 Reasons To Take Nutritional Supplements

Posted by     on February 9, 2017

If you’re thinking to yourself I eat my fruits and vegetables so I don’t need supplements to obtain the nutrients my body needs, then please keep reading. Even if you stay away from the sweets and maintain a healthy diet you may still be deprived of the nutrients your body requires to function properly. Compared to our ancestors the way we grow food, store food, deliver food and prepare food has changed immensely. Not only has our food sources and food quality changed but our environment, medicine, and lifestyles have also evolved. Nutritional supplements can help compensate for the effects of these transformations. Read 9 reasons nutritional supplements may be necessary even with a healthy diet below.

Our modern environment is profoundly different than that of our ancestors. In fact, a fundamental tenet of the ancestral health movement is the recognition that we are “mismatched” with our current environment in numerous ways, and it is that mismatch that is responsible for the modern disease epidemic. Examples include:

  • A decline in soil diversity and quality (and consequent decline in nutrient density of foods).
  • A decrease in diversity of plant species consumed.
  • An increase in exposure to food and environmental toxins.
  • Overuse of antibiotics, birth control and other medications (damaging the gut and liver).
  • An increase in chronic stress.
  • A decrease in sleep quality and duration.
  • A reduced connection with nature and less time spent outdoors.
  • A move away from the tight-knit social groups that were the norm for humans until very recently (and the resulting effect on our nervous system).
  • An increase in the number of hours we spend sitting.

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