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Top 6 Habits of Fit & Healthy Moms

Posted by     on January 3, 2017


Start the New Year with a new you! Incorporate these lifestyle changes into your daily routine to feel like and look like the world’s #1 mom. No one mom can do it all but with a little practice, hard work and determination moms everywhere can attain a healthier and happier lifestyle. It’s pretty amazing how simple things like a structured routine, regular exercise and dedicated family time can bring peace, health, and happiness to the entire family. Check out these habits created and maintained daily by fit and healthy moms below for a Happy New You!

1. Create a Routine

Those who have created a fit lifestyle know the real secret begins with creating a structured schedule for themselves, and their family. Creating a daily and weekly routine ensures that each day’s priorities are accomplished – like a work out – even if your adventure-seeking toddler tries to throw a wrench in from left field. Children and adults alike thrive on consistency; just ask any teacher and they will tell you, having a routine in place where children know what they are expected to do prevents a great deal of misbehavior. Knowing day-to-day what is expected is motivation to get up and get moving, making you more likely to be productive than waking up each day and winging it, hoping that your children are game for winging it too. We all know how that will end… most likely in tears on the floor.

2. Make Exercise a Priority

Fit and healthy moms make no excuses when it comes to exercise. Whether it’s hitting the gym or simply incorporating fun fitness-focused activities with their children, exercise is made a daily priority because of its health benefits and overall calming effects on the body and mind, rather than simply the physical effects of outward appearance. According to the American Psychological Association, exercise has the capability to boost your mood within five minutes of activity, and is also linked to studies that show that exercising releases serotonin, a chemical in the brain that is linked to influencing moods and decreasing depression and anxiety. Moms who have made exercise a daily priority will often say that their workout is their therapy, or even meditation, and missing a few days of exercise in a row has a major effect on their mood, making them irritable and more stressed than usual. Happy mom, happy family, right?

3. Meal Plan

Those who make fitness a priority also know that nourishing their bodies with the right foods is the right way to maintain optimum health. By eating out less (say good bye to high calorie, high sodium, high fat foods!) and creating their own nutritious meals at home, the health-conscious want to know that they are fueling their family’s bodies with vitamin-rich, whole foods. Meal planning ensures that not only a budget is created and maintained, but that also the day’s nutritional goals are met with the proper servings of vegetables, fruit, grains, protein, and dairy. Reading nutrition labels while you shop and learning to cook (even the simplest of clean eating recipes) are two tips that are sure to keep your meal planning healthy and consistent.

4. Sit Down Nightly for Family Dinners

After a long day of work or shuffling kids to and from activities, it’s really easy to throw dinner onto a plate, turn on the television, and watch everyone tune in… andtune out. However, an article published by Harvard Medical School says that eating a meal while distracted, specifically while watching television, causes a person to eat more, even eating past the point at which you are full. Adults and children who eat in front of the television are also more likely to be overweight, often choosing unhealthy snack foods rather than a nutritious meal. Not only does eating dinner around the television lead to unhealthy eating habits, it also detracts from the time that can be spent building and maintaining a healthy relationship as a family unit. Sitting down at the dinner table allows for open conversation, and studies show that families that sit down frequently to eat have less stress and tension in the home.

5. Sleep Well

This is a hard habit for new moms, moms of infants, and even young children as we all know how precious sleep can be, but those who make fitness and health a lifestyle understand that their body doesn’t run at its best unless it’s fully rested. Loss of sleep can result in poor eating habits, weight gain, fatigue throughout the day, and increased stress, among many other side effects. Getting approximately six to eight hours of sleep per night should be enough to fuel your body and brain for the day ahead. Try going to bed earlier or scheduling in mini-naps during your child’s nap time for a quick pick me up.

6. Wake Up Early

When on a scheduled routine, it’s important to start the day off right by saying no to procrastination. The morning offers the perfect time to fit in a workout or run prior to starting the day or waking the children, or simply use the extra time to plan out the day’s events, work on personal goals, and enjoy your coffee in silence. Fit moms know that morning work outs are often the best, offering the most energy and little distraction. They also understand the importance in simply starting the day off on the right foot and feeling good. While hitting snooze is tempting, being in a rush the rest of the day and worrying about fitting in a work out can be even more exhausting.

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