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The Great Health Heist: Review By Dr. Della Parker

Posted by     on December 10, 2015


The Great Health Heist
By Paul J. Rosen

By Dr. Della Parker


I have recently read a book that I feel compelled to share with the world. I feel a little like I am writing a book report in high school but here goes anyway! The Great Health Heist discusses the state of healthcare and nutrition in this country and provides an answer to our dwindling health as a result. The answer being Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). The last half of the book is full of amazing success stories of patients who have regained their health through the use of NRT. The meat of this book is really the first 60 pages and you will want to read them over and over again!

Why is it that we look somewhere other than ourselves for the cause of what ails us? We so easily forget all the damage we are constantly doing to our bodies and look to place blame somewhere else. We turn a blind eye to the types of foods we consume and the damaging preparation we assault on foods of actual quality.

This book is a great summation of so many things I have read and heard along the way. Pottenger’s cats, remember them? This study proves that our state of poor nutrition is worsening with each generation. It also reminds us that we have a long road back to health. I was reminded of the germ theory and how it has been taken to a whole new level.  Our own nutritionally deficient states, which allow disease to take us over, are not even a mention. We look for a poisonous remedy in a pill and continue on your path of self-destruction. Looking to place blame on super bugs instead of looking at the dys-health of the host that is allowing takeover.

It is interesting to read about all the conflicts of interest that surround the FDA and how evident it is that they do not have our best interest at heart. This book informs us why it is time we start looking out for ourselves and take control of our own health instead of blindly listening to the words of a man in a white coat. A man educated by big pharma to push their bottom line (whether it knowingly or not).

Quotes from Royal Lee the founder of whole food supplementation and Standard Process, show us how the ruin of our food was already understood back in the 1940’s. Unfortunately this common sense way of thinking was squashed by people who stood and still stand to make billions by pulling the wool over our eyes. This is what Dr. Lee was saying;

“We have drifted into this deplorable position of national malnutrition quite inadvertently. It is the result of scientific research with the objective of finding the best ways to create foods that are non-perishable, that can be made by mass production methods in central factories, and distributed so cheaply that they can sweep all local competition from the market… Then, after there develops a suspicion that these “foods” are inadequate to support life, modern advertising steps in to propagandize the people into believing that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are products of scientific research intended to afford a food that is the last word in nutritive value and the confused public is totally unable to arrive at any conclusion of fact, and continues to blindly buy the rubbish that is killing them years ahead of their time.”

Dr. Royal Lee, June 1943

It’s crazy to me that this statement from so long ago, could be said today with the same meaning! It saddens me that this state has only worsened over the past 70 years. This book is a quick and greatly informative read! Buy the book, then share the information and pass the book along! It would make a life changing stocking stuffer.

Just do it!

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