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Taking a peek under the hood

Posted by     on May 9, 2016

Imagine if you could take a look inside your body and see a snapshot of your health. Imagine if there was a way to measure if your supplements were really making changes within. Imagine if there was a way to see what really happens to your body on a cellular level when you fall off the health wagon. Well, there is! It is called Dried Blood Cell Analysis.

I preform this quick and easy test at every new patient visit. It is as simple as a poke in the patient’s ear. I then collect just a few drops of blood on a microscope slide. As the blood dries the cells migrate to create a picture of what is going on inside the body. This picture can be visualized under a microscope. It is an amazing way to not only evaluate a person’s health but also their progress. I have seen amazing changes in the appearance of patient’s blood when comparing images from the first visit to visits a few months in to treatment.

This testing does not diagnose any diseases but rather highlights areas of stress or concern in the body. Common findings include; Inflammation, liver congestion, toxicity, gut dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue, dehydration, acidity, poor nutrient absorption and more.

Below is a series of Dried Blood Cell Analysis done on a patient over a 4 month period of time.


 #1 New patient visit. This image shows severe gut dysbiosis. The patient reports having frequent diarrhea and fatigue. A diagnosis of IBS was given from her medical doctor with no treatments offered.





DBCA2 #2 Six weeks after initial visit. Dysbiosis is clearing and underlying adrenal fatigue is showing as tiny dots in the center of the blot. The patient reports a great improvement in GI symptoms. But energy is still low.





DBCA3#3 Four months after initiating treatment. Her diarrhea has resolved and energy is greatly improved. Notice the bright color of the blood, indicating a greater level of nutrients in the blood.





From time to time we still use Dried Blood Cell Analysis to evaluate this patient from the inside out and make sure that poor dietary choices or increased stress has not had a big enough impact on the body to revert her blood back to the former place of poor health.


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