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Simple Ways To Find Time For Physical Activity

Posted by     on February 16, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Simple Ways To Find time For Physical Activity

The all too common refrain when it comes to working out is that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Between work, childcare, housekeeping, and fleeting moments of relaxation, it often does seem like there just isn’t time for necessary physical activity. While many folks attribute their workouts to the daily actions that require physicality — juggling a child and a bag of groceries, sprinting to catch a MAX train, or walking to and from the water cooler at work — these eliminate the mindfulness required to get the most out of a miniature workout. Consider these three ways to squeeze deliberate physical activity into your day.

Take the Stairs. Work on the third floor? Avoid the elevator in favor of the stairs to boost your heart rate, increase circulation and improve your mood.

Parents; Take Your Kids For a Walk. As the winter wanes and spring approaches, the weather that may have kept your housebound is pretty much officially over. By encouraging your kids to join you on a nice neighborhood walk, you not only get your own activity points, you instill the importance of activity within your children. Bonus – it’s a great time for parent-child bonding.

Go to the Mall. We don’t recommend emptying your wallet, but we do recommend walking the length of the mall a few times while you people watch and window shop. It’s far more interesting than a treadmill, and a trip to the mall is (for many) way easier to get excited about than a trip to the gym.

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