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Sick? 7 Naturopathic Ways to Help Fight Off Your Cold

Posted by     on January 31, 2019

Does it seem like everyone around you is sick, just getting over being sick, or sadly just starting to become sick? Naturopath and Stellar Mommy, Dr. Della, provides tools to avoid getting sick or decrease the duration of your illness this cold season. We hope you feel better soon!

  1. No Sugar. Sugar slows down the immune system. When you’re sick, your immune system is already struggling. Consuming sugar will make it more difficult for your immune system to fight off a cold.
  2. Drink Water. Hydration is super important, especially when you’re sick. Drinking water everyday (half of your weight in ounces) allows your immune system to work at full speed which is always ideal but even more essential when you are trying to fight off a cold.
  3. Wet Socks. They’re not so bad! Anytime you’re feeling under the weather you can do wet socks. Before you go to bed put a pair of wet socks (use cold water and wring them out) on your feet. Then put a pair of dry socks (they do not have to be wool) over the wet ones, then go to sleep. Wet socks work with your body’s natural response to warm up your wet feet by increasing your blood circulation. That pressure also helps draw down the congestion from your lungs and sinuses. Watch Stellar Moms talk about the wet sock treatment.
  4. Vicks VapoRub. When you have a cough keeping you up all night try putting Vicks on the bottom of your feet. This can help relieve that annoying cough so you and/or your kids can get some much-needed sleep!
  5. Muscle Testing. Everybody is different. Rather than waste money on supplements that won’t support your body’s needs just make an appointment for some muscle testing and we’ll be able to find out exactly what your body needs. Learn more about muscle testing at Stellar Health & Wellness.
  6. Zinc. Stocking up on zinc lozenges when you’re sick with a sore throat is a must.
  7. Rest. Get as much rest as possible. If you can get some extra sleep, take it!

At Stellar Health and Wellness, we are moms and know how much work moms do. If you are a mom and want to focus on your wellness, call 503-344-6631 today for a free consultation!

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