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Should You Be Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?

Posted by     on February 7, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Should You Be Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re a fan of natural medicine, holistic preventative care, and DIY home remedies, then you are more than likely aware of the laundry list of medicinal properties associated with apple cider vinegar. Your information may be mostly correct, but with the wealth of disinformation available through the internet, it’s important to get the facts straight about this common pantry panacea.

Let’s begin with a simple safety warning that vinegar should not be sipped straight up. Gulping down undiluted vinegar can be rough on your esophagus. A good ratio to remember is 2 tablespoons for 1 glass of water. For greater bacterial health benefits, opt for organic raw apple cider vinegar which is made from organically grown apples and retains many of their beneficial components because organic raw apple cider vinegar is not pasteurized.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can discuss the value in starting your day with an apple cider vinegar spiked glass of water. Several studies suggest that it helps control blood pressure, unclog arteries, significantly reduce blood sugar, and increase blood flow in the colon, supporting a healthy digestive tract.

What these studies aim to promote are the positive health effects apple cider vinegar can have on type 2 diabetics, folks with high blood pressure, and at risk for heart disease, and people that struggle with digestive issues. Nebulous concepts such as apple cider vinegar’s connection to drastic weight loss, or a miracle cancer cure, or are exaggerated at best, irresponsible at worst.

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