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Naturopathic Medicine Promotes Self-Healing

Posted by     on November 10, 2017


Naturopathic medicine follows many principles and many practices, but the philosophy and the goal can be summed up in two words; self-healing.

Your body has many of the building blocks required to self-heal, you see examples all the time from minor scratches and bruises to recovering from the flu. The body naturally wants to return to health, and by assessing diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplementation, you can regain your energy and optimal health.

There are two principles that make Naturopathic medicine different from traditional Western medicine.


The symptoms of disease (i.e. low energy, headaches, etc.) are seen as warning signals of improper function and unfavorable lifestyle habits. Traditionally western medicine may try to suppress these symptoms and instinctually it makes sense. However, when you take a broader more holistic view of health, there are ways to determine why you are low in energy and why you are getting headaches. A Naturopathic doctor will try and find the root cause of the symptom and help create a solution through diet and nutritional supplementation.  Again, diet and nutritional supplementation can provide the body with the tools it needs to promote a self-healing process.


The second factor which distinguishes Naturopathic medicine from traditional Western medicine is the philosophy of prevention. Western medicine commonly suppresses symptoms and addresses illness after the fact. Naturopathic medicine wants to prevent illness in the first place. With Nutritional Response Testing you can evaluate the health of organ systems and identify nutritional deficiencies. With a Dried Blood Cell Analysis (DBCA) you can identify what is occurring in the body on a cellular level. It provides the practitioner a view of the body’s primary stresses or areas of weakness.

These evaluations can help with issues related to Adrenal Fatigue and Ileocecal Valve Syndrome and promote self-healing. Learn more by clicking on Dr. Della’s article about Holistic Health.

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