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Natural Remedies to Help You Through the Winter

Posted by     on December 4, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Natural Remedies to Get You Through the Winter

Cold and flu season is far from over, and this time of year many of us are fighting off the sneezing, sniffling, and coughing sicknesses. Here are a few natural remedies to help you – or your kids – stay healthy this winter.

Gargle water for a sore throat. Gargling even just plain water can reduce the number of colds you get. People who gargle just three times a day during this time of year are about 40% less likely to contract upper respiratory infections than those who don’t. If you’re already a bit under the weather, gargling can reduce the severity of the symptoms. Saltwater works best to relieve sore throat and congestion.

Bundle up to prevent catching a cold. Immune systems are better equipped to fight viruses and sickness at warmer temperatures.

Honey helps a cough. Honey can help lessen a cough, which also makes it easier to sleep through the night. Avoid giving honey to kids younger than one year old, though, because honey can contain C. botulinum spores, which could cause infant botulism.

Fight nausea with ginger and peppermint. Raw or pickled ginger is excellent for nausea. You can also use ginger ale that contains real ginger, ginger candies, or ginger tea. If you prefer peppermint, try drinking peppermint tea or deeply inhaling peppermint oil to ease your stomach.

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