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Holistic Health with Stellar Health & Wellness

Posted by     on December 25, 2018


Dr Della Parker_Holistic Health with Stellar Health & Wellness

At Stellar Health & Wellness, we treat the person, not the symptom. This idea is what the holistic model of health is built upon. Doctors who practice holistic health recognize that all parts of the body are linked and that there is a reason and underlying cause for symptoms that must be discovered to effectively treat each patient.

Consider this: Problems with your digestive track, for example, can be linked to many things. The cause of digestive problems can be related to our nervous system, hormones, emotions, blood flow, lymphatic drainage, nutritional deficiencies, structural imbalances, the food we put into it, acupuncture meridians, etc. We can also approach this from the other direction, by asking what types of problems can poor digestion create? You will see a similar list as above.This is true of any part of the body. A doctor who practices holistic medicine has to be aware of all these relationships to truly find the cause of the problem. This is why holistic doctors treat people and not symptoms. Because for any symptom, we need to evaluate the whole person to identify and treat the cause.

By using the holistic approach, we don’t just find a way to relieve the symptom. Steps to relieve a symptom are often a temporary solution. Rather, the holistic approach seeks out the cause of the symptom so we can more thoroughly treat our patients. This also allows us to prevent what may be a smaller inconvenience now from developing into a serious health issue later. Learn more about the benefits of holistic health

The professionals at Stellar Health & Wellness are serious about the health and happiness of our patients. We take a holistic approach to healthcare and believe in giving each and every patient personalized treatment. We are also moms and know how much work moms do. If you are a mom and want to focus on your wellness, call 503-344-6631 today for a free consultation!

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