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Holistic Benefits of Honey

Posted by     on November 20, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Holistic Benefits of Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener that has a long history of being praised for various health benefits. It may surprise you to know that honey can assist with health and healing in a number of ways. Just what are the benefits that have left people throughout time so in awe of honey?


While honey isn’t as strong as prescribed antibiotic medications, honey is still useful as an antibacterial especially when you consider how resistant some are growing to antibiotics. Many honey samples test high for antimicrobial effects, especially against bacteria such as staphylococcal bacteria. Someday, honey may be used as an agent against infections.


Honey is evaporated flower nectar, and often from a mixture of different flowers. Because of this, it starts out as a phytochemical-containing plant matter. Honey contains amino acids, flavonoids, antioxidant phenolic acids, and hundreds of other unique substances. Darker honeys will have higher antioxidants and higher protein contents in their nectars. For high antioxidant dark honeys look for buckwheat, chestnut, and manuka honeys.

Wound Healing

Smearing antibacterial honey on wounds is a common practice throughout history. Hospitals used this technique and as a result saw significant reductions in even the most resistant wound infections.

Easing Allergies

While according to The National Honey Board there isn’t enough scientific evidence to show that honey can cure seasonal allergies, there are lots of anecdotal stories from those extolling the virtues of eating local honey to introduce small amounts of allergenic pollen into their bodies. Research is still being conducted on the subject.

Honey isn’t a cure-all, of course, but this natural ingredient has undeniable benefits. Keep an eye on future honey research to see if more health benefits are revealed or proven with scientific evidence.

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