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Easy Ways To De-Stress During Pregnancy

Posted by     on January 24, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Easy Ways To De-Stress During Pregnancy

There are those mothers-to-be that are glowing, dewy testaments to the magic of pregnancy, and then there’s the rest of us. While they may have the most enviable Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards with thousands of followers, they are still in the process of building another body within their own body, which is a massive undertaking. Carrying a baby is a wild ride, and while some may fly through their nine months as if on a magic carpet, others are in store for a dizzying Sisyphean journey, with more ups and downs than a symphony conductor’s baton. For those mothers to be, consider these three tips to control stress, exhaustion, depression, and malaise.

Practice deep breathing. Many birthing classes will cover Lamaze breathing because it is so vital to grounding oneself during moments of extreme stress and anxiety. There are several deep breathing methods, so try a few until you find one that works for you.

Get out, if only for a brief spell. A walk around the block can do wonders for those struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, or apathy. Take in some sunshine (if we’re having any that particular week), stretch out your overworked body, and let the breeze tickle your skin; these moments of quiet self-reflection will be few and far between once the baby arrives, so make time for them while you can.

Talk to someone close to you. They don’t have to offer advice per se (in fact, it’s nice when they don’t), but a listening ear will bring most folks back from feelings of severe depression, stress, and anxiety.

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