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Dr. Della’s Top 5 Holistic Health Blog Posts

Posted by     on September 8, 2017

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3 Little-Known Causes of Restless Legs Syndrome

If you find yourself in bed welcoming sleep yet kept awake by the urge to move your leg, than you may have Restless Leg Syndrome. Restless Leg Syndrome affects 4%-29% of adults in Western populations and is a major contributor to sleep loss. Learn three factors that could contribute to RLS and the steps you can take for improving your symptoms below.


3 Up, Up Away, 3 Precautionary Tips before You Fly

When trapped in an irradiated capsule with no choice but to inhale everyone else’s lung excretions, I utilize a few preventative measures, cause let’s face it… If you are boarding an airplane, you are probably going somewhere for a purpose other than lying in a hotel bed feeling crappy. So read these three prep tips before flying.


The Soy Truth: Fermented vs. Unfermented

Is soy healthy? Yes and no, soy can be healthy or unhealthy depending on whether or not it is fermented. The “soy lies” started in the early 1990’s when soy products became a popular health food fad offering many health benefits and provided a fabulous meat alternative for vegetarians. Read more about the truth about soy.


Top 5 Health Fails and Fixes for Mommy

Everyone relies on mom. And everyone knows the house just doesn’t function without you. So what happens when you get over stressed, tired, and just burnt out? Nothing! You probably already are, yet you still take care of everyone but yourself. The problem is that you are burning out your adrenal glands big time! Read these tips on how moms can get a pep in their step.


3 Ingredients to Add to your Organic Coffee

So I have to share this amazing thing that I have found. A patient mentioned it to me, I tried it and now I am obsessed! It may be old news to you so I added some other cool info to keep you interested.  You also learn how coffee interacts with your body.  Learn how to make your coffee tastier and more nutritious.


Dr. Della Parker was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science. She then went on to graduate from the National College of Natural Medicine also in Portland. She currently practices in Clackamas, Oregon. Learn more about Dr. Della.


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