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Detox 101

Posted by     on September 7, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Detox_101


Backyard BBQ’s are lessening. The weather is getting colder. You may be craving that icy cold beer or cocktail a little less. Time to detox! I’m telling you, it’s the perfect time! You are getting back into a routine with school starting anyway. Get er done before the holidays come around!

First, let’s understand what your primary detox organ, the liver, does, so you know how to detox more effectively. Cause it’s not just alcohol that stresses out your poor little liver. Whenever I say the word liver my patients, they divulge their alcohol intake secrets, good or bad… The liver obviously detoxifies alcohol but it also does so much more! That deliciously refreshing Moscow Mule is not the only thing to blame.

Long story short, your liver detoxes. Duh right! Well let me explain. It does this by taking potentially harmful chemicals and breaking em down (Phase 1). Then it takes those broken down chemicals, and sends em off for excretion (phase 2). Ya can’t have 1 without 2. In fact if you ramp up phase 1 without supporting phase 2 it can be a big problem.

Chemicals? Yes, chemicals, not just alcohol.  Chemicals from the environment, like exhaust fumes from all the cars we drive around in. Chemicals from all those fragrant candles you have burning in your home. Chemicals from all that passion berry surprise body lotion and perfume you put on your skin. Chemicals in all those dinners made from a box or purchased in a bag. Chemicals from that toxin packed pumpkin spice latte we all love so much. Chemicals that you breathe in from cleaning your floor with Mr. Clean. Chemicals you breathe in when your new home, car, or mattress is off gassing, yeah those chemicals.

They are everywhere! And many are unavoidable. So what to do?

First of all recognize that as we generally think of the liver as the primary detox organ, there are other organs that also detox the body. Kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin are all other ways to get toxins outta the body. Ideally we would support them all. So I have provided a little detox check list. I know it’s long… so pick the ones you like and stick to em! Do it for a month, long enough to start a new habit. Or so they say.


 ½ your body weight in ounces please. Your liver and kidneys pretty much flush crap out of your body all day long. Know something else with that job? Yes, a toilet! Now, picture a toilet doing its job without water. Nuf said! Drink it! Just regular ol’ boring filtered water. The stuff is good for you. Adding “vitamins” to it doesn’t make it better I promise!

#2 You gotta poo!
Normal pooping occurs 1-2 times daily. Increasing water will help and so will increasing fiber. If neither of those are ramping up toilet encounters then call a naturopath and get your gut squared away! It’s not a great idea to start up a detox if this route of elimination isn’t working!

#3 Work up a sweat
HOT YOGA baby! That’ll do it. Or any other workout that makes you sweat will do it too. Sauna! That also gets skin detoxing. It ain’t pretty but your body loves it for so many reasons!

#4 De-fragrance your home and body
Smelly candles, oil burners, perfume, scented lotions and summer breeze detergents. Trash em all! Just use coconut oil on your skin, trust me you will smell much more appealing to everyone around you! What smells good to you may be an old lady perfume liver bomb to someone else. Don’t be that person… ease up on the bath and body bombs! Let your liver take a breather from breaking down all those gnarly chemicals. Fragrance free is the way to be! The next step, when you are ready, I know life without body spray can be an adjustment, is to go all natural with your home cleaning products. There are so so many fragrance free, all natural products out there now, you really have no excuse. Just do it!

#5 Deep breathing
Aahhhhhh! Now in through the nose, hold, and out through the mouth… Let your body expel toxins through your breath. There is also the added benefit of calming your nervous system to decrease anxiety, increase immune and adrenal function. And hey! While you’re at it, think some positive thoughts about yourself. You’re freakin’ awesome!

#6 Increase Phase 1 liver detox
There are supplements packed with goodness for this purpose alone. But here is also a list of foods that can help get the job done. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, celery, lemons, oranges, and caraway seeds just to list a few.

#7 Increase Phase 2 liver detox
Remember you can’t increase 1 without 2! Increase the following foods to help ramp up the second stage of detox. Protein, green tea, omega 3’s, red raspberries, kale, spinach, asparagus, avocado.

Like I said, there are many programs to help you be a more successful detoxer. Let me know and I would be happy to help! Good Luck!


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