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Depression and Motherhood – Destigmatizing Baby Blues

Posted by     on June 29, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Depression and Motherhood - Destigmatizing Baby Blues

The majority of new moms experience baby blues, defined by, “a few days to two weeks of mild ups and downs, weepiness, and stress.” For mothers new and seasoned, that may be putting it a bit lightly. Many women emerge from their baby blues with no long-term damage, but when that couple of weeks stretches into months, everything has the potential to change.

Postpartum depression is the most common of the six perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and affects about 1 in 7 new mothers and can start shortly before birth or any time up to 12 months after birth.The combination of the wild shifting of reproductive hormones, sleep deprivation, inadequate nutrition, isolation, poor partner support, health issues of mom or baby, a high needs infant, or other major stressors can all contribute to postpartum depression.

Treating postpartum depression can be a challenge, as depression is frighteningly stigmatized and new motherhood is daunting enough without also battling the inescapable maw of depression.

Most important, know that you as a new mother are absolutely not alone. There is no shortage of programs, counselors, and even other mothers that can support you through this dark time.

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