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Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Uses

Posted by     on August 1, 2016

Dr Della Parker_Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Uses

The health benefits of coconut oil include improving digestion, promoting healthy weight management, improving immunity and much more. Coconut oil is an excellent source of nutrition providing many health benefits with its antioxidant properties. This natural resource also has antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties making coconut oil the perfect addition to any household pantry. Learn more about the health benefits and uses of coconut oil below.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits and Uses

  1. It has been shown to increase absorption of calcium and magnesium
  2. Internally as part of the protocol to help remineralize teeth
  3. Is an immediate source of energy when eaten that isn’t stored as fat
  4. Can help speed weight loss when consumed daily
  5. Can help improve sleep when taken daily
  6. When used in food, it may support healthy thyroid function
  7. Some studies show that it can help improve insulin levels when consumed regularly
  8. Topically, it help skin heal faster after injury or infection because of its beneficial fats
  9. When used consistently on skin it can help get rid of cellulite
  10.  Some evidence shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
  11. When taken regularly, it can boost hormone production
  12. Can relieve the pain of hemorrhoids when used topically
  13. Can boost circulation and help those who often feel cold
  14. Internally during pregnancy to help provide baby necessary fats for development (especially when taken with Fermented Cod Liver Oil)
  15. There are entire books dedicated to the potential of saturated fats like coconut oil to help avoid Alzheimer’s

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SRC: Check out more coconut oil health benefits and uses at: wellnessmama.com/5734/101-uses-for-coconut-oil/

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