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Blood Sugar

Posted by     on July 14, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Blood Sugar

Let’s talk blood sugar… The highs, the lows, the cravings!

So you’ve got an elevated hemoglobin A1c? What does that mean anyway? Well, hemoglobin A1c shows us what your blood sugar has averaged over the past 3 months. So you can’t blame this elevation on the cupcake you ate yesterday. More like all the cupcakes you have been eating the past 3 months. Shame! Shame! Why does this matter? Because diabetes kinda sucks. Long term effects of unmanaged diabetes leads to things like blindness, kidney failure, the loss of a limb. None of those sound like much fun.

 Got any natural therapies to get that blood sugar down? But of course, my personal favorite is a little mineral called chromium. Chromium unlocks the doors to your cells and says “Hey sugar! Come party in here and quit hangin’ out in that blood stream!” This effectively helps to lower blood sugar levels. I recommend 500mcg 1-2 times per day. Make sure to check out my store to find the most absorbable forms. Cause if it ends up in the toilet unabsorbed, it didn’t do ya much good now did it? If you are already diabetic and taking one of the most common drugs, metformin, then would you please also take some vitamin B12? This medication is known to deplete B12 leaving you feeling tired and grumpy. So do your spouse a favor and come in for an injection.

Low blood sugar you say? Feeling a little dizzy or shaky? Here’s an idea… Eat something! But not just anything, eat some protein, some animal protein. Yes meat! Meat is so awesome in that it has a wonderful combination of protein and fat. This is the best thing possible to help stabilize blood sugars. Eat it and eat it often. Every 2-3 hours in fact. I’m not telling you to eat a burger 12 times a day. I’m talking some good ol’ nitrate free lunch meat, beef jerky, a hardboiled egg, throw some chicken on that salad.  Just a couple bites will do the trick. When you are able to stabilize blood sugar you adrenal glands can relax and handle things that really matter like inflammation. You know, the cause of all chronic diseases. Sounds pretty cool that eating some meat can help ward off disease huh! Who’d a thunk it? Well, the cavemen and all our pre agriculture ancestors that’s who! The peeps that died of falling off horses or getting eaten by bears, not cancer.

But I love the stuff! Sugar is sooo good! Duh, are a lot of things. That doesn’t mean you should eat the stuff, regularly anyway. Stop the cycle. There is a little herb called gymnema. It’s pretty amazing stuff. Put a little drop on your tongue, then try out some of that chocolate you love… yep pretty tasteless. Side note: Chocolate is not a health food! Yes, it contains magnesium. But also sugar and cocoa, which irritates the heck out of your ileocecal valve causing digestive dysfunction. (Read more about ICV on my site). Also check out the whole 30 diet. That will help you rid your body of these yucky sugars and get you functioning on all cylinders! I now it’s hard but so is being blind remember… I can help you but you gotta just do it!

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