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Back to School Ka-Choo!

Posted by     on August 25, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Back to School_Ka-Choo

Back to School Ka-Choo!

Kiddos are headed back to school, hello germs! Let me start by saying that I love germs and so do the immune systems of the little ones. We are in an era of over cleaning our kids. Let them play in the dirt for crying out loud! We don’t just make them wash their hands we practically sanitize them and all their surroundings in Purell or Lysol. Hello… There is a 5 second rule for a reason! Exposing kid’s immune systems to less harmful bugs helps them to develop an awesome defense system. If those developing immune systems never get any practice battling less harmful predators, how do we expect them to be able to declare war on a more dangerous invader?

Anyway, back to the germs… They are going to be much more prevalent now that the kiddos will be swappin’ God knows what with all the others little germ factories at school. Let’s face it, everyone in your house is about to get a case of the sniffles! What to do? Cold medicine? Fever reducer? Cough suppressant? No! No! No!

I get it, it sucks to be sick! And it sucks even more to watch our kids suffer. But those medications would be doing a disservice to their immune systems. Like I said, they need to practice these mini attacks on less harmful invaders. A fighting immune system = snot, elevated temperatures, scratchy throats, fatigue, the whole yucky sha-bang. These are all symptoms of their bodies killing things off, so let them be!

So you’re a Mommy and can’t sit back and just do nothing, trust me, I get it! Try these on for size… Wet Socks!! Say Whaat? Actually I meant to say Cold Wet Socks!!

Take a pair of dry warm feet, cover em up with some semi wrung out drippy cold wet cotton socks. (Just do it…) Then cover the wet socks with a pair of thicker dry socks. Now send those feet to bed! It may feel a little funky at first but it should actually help to knock em right out. Nighty nighty little complainers (I say that with a heart full of love and empathy FYI). They will wake up in the morning feeling oh so much better and their little tootsies will be dry as a bone.

This treatment helps to run the lymphatic system (immune fighter cells) and circulation all over the body. This increases the immune system clean-up crew. It can help decrease aggravating night time coughs, decrease fevers, and knock out annoying cold symptoms completely by your body’s own doing. It’s amazeballs!

Now let’s talk immune support. How can you choose? There’s vitamins A, B, C, zinc, Echinacea, elderberry, olive leaf, homeopathy… Sorry dude but there is no good answer. The truth of the matter is, that every immune system is different and likely needs to be supported differently depending on what sort of bug it is fighting. This is where Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) comes in. It’s a little woo-woo I get it. But it involves asking your body what it needs for support. Because it will know better that you or I right? True dat. So you don’t have the time or money to see an amazing NRT doc. You can hit up my online store to find some of the above listed remedies that are actually made with integrity and have the ability to make change in your body. A blog on quality supplements to come.

Point of the story… back to school brings on more immune exposures. Allowing your body to fight these little battles will improve the health of your immune system long term. If you see your friendly neighborhood Naturopath, they can help you support systems in your body to PREVENT illnesses to begin with.

Now just to clarify… Washing your hands is still a good idea, especially after you have used the restroom. If you need antibiotics, take them! Just take a probiotic too. Wet socks work on adults too, so buck up and do it with your kids! A runny nose and a sore throat won’t kill you. Well, unless they are only the beginning symptoms of a very deadly disease, in which case you should see your primary care physician immediately!


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