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7 Easy Habits To Fight Acidity Everyday

Posted by     on June 21, 2016

Dr Della Parker_7 Easy Habits To Fight Acidity Everyday

Do you feel tired even after a good night’s rest? Do you feel sluggish or lethargic? Your body could be overly acidic. High acidity levels cause damage to your body and the average American is consuming too many acid-forming foods on a daily basis. Increasing your intake of fruits, nuts, legumes and vegetables will help boost alkalinity. Adding enough alkaline boosting foods to your diet can be challenging especially with a busy schedule and limited budget. Learn 7 easy habits to fight acidity everyday.

Here are a few daily habits that create more alkalinity in the body:


This ancient ayurvedic practice works to cleanse the mouth and balance acids, eliminating bad breath and unhealthy gums. Try swishing with 1 tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil daily for 15-20 minutes! I love doing this in the shower. It’s so energizing!


Take deep breaths throughout the day. Become aware of how deep or shallow your breathing is. Shallow breathing creates stagnation in the blood. Oxygen is incredibly alkalizing to the body. Yogic breathing also reduces stress and anxiety, which has an alkalizing effect in the body by reducing inflammatory stress hormones.


Saliva is alkaline forming so chew every bite! 20 to 40 times is ideal. Remember, digestion begins in the mouth.


Dry brushing supports lymph flow, which gets more oxygen flowing through the blood. This increases circulation and moves toxins out of the body, increasing oxygen and alkalinity. Dry brushing can be done by simply brushing in an upward sweeping motion towards the heart from the feet. Do this before you shower, and follow with body oil. Massage and acupuncture are other great ways to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and create more alkaline blood flow.


The more we sweat, the more toxins we release. The fewer toxins in our systems, the less acidic our bodies are. Infrared sauna session, steam baths, and hot yoga classes are fantastic ways to take your sweating to the next level. I love to soak in an Epsom salt bath a few times a week. One cup of Epsom salts + 10 drops of lavender oil = alkaline bliss.


Exercise regularly to actively move acids out of the body. This keeps the lymph system flowing and creates more alkaline blood. A rebounder is a wonderful tool to get your lymph going. Dancing, running and swimming are also very effective. Exercise also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Do your best to get moving whenever possible. Restorative practices like Iyengar yoga, yin yoga, or gentle stretching counteract acids that build up from intense activity. Constantly mix up your routine!


Stress creates cellular acidity. Always work on bringing yourself back into balance by creating rituals that make you feel good and balance your mind-body connection. Work on getting to bed no later than 11p.m. to support your body’s natural rhythms of melatonin production and balance your body systems by winding down and getting to sleep before 11p.m. Meditate as often as possible, try earthing, take long baths, drink tea, daydream, journal, go for a walk after dinner and do whatever it is that makes you feel centered.

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SRC: Find an alkalizing tonic recipe to help fight acidity at: thechalkboardmag.com/fight-acidity-stress-free-habits-to-alkalize#sl=1

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