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3 Women’s Health Trend Predictions For 2018

Posted by     on February 12, 2018

Dr Della Parker_3 Women's Health Trend Predictions For 2018

With each year comes a new laundry list of precautions, preventatives, and prescriptions for living your best life. What you decide to investigate and audition is a concern of your own body chemistry, your likes, and what you consider achievable — which as we all know, varies from person to person. This year, take all internet advice with a grain of salt (including ours!) and discuss health and wellness tips with your doctor before pledging allegiance to your favorite blogger’s favorite new fad. That said, here are three health and wellness trend predictions for 2018 we’d be more than happy to discuss, deconstruct, and demystify for all our interested patients.

Self Care

It’s not just bubble baths and pedicures, people. Self-care is an essential element of your happiness, not your vanity. Sometimes self-care is a long walk with a loved one, or a phone call to a family member, or even 5 minutes of quiet meditation. The point is that self-care, me-time, or whatever you call it is a necessity, not a luxury.

Skin Care for a Modern World

Skincare spheres are all abuzz with the introduction of skincare that actively protects skin from not just UV rays, but also common city pollution and ubiquitous blue light from laptops. As our modern world evolves, so do our reactions to it, making this a trend worth investigating.

Aging Gracefully

We may have, as a people, realized that eternal youth is neither achievable nor advisable…maybe. The newest and most audacious beauty trend is embracing yourself at any age and relying on good health choices to achieve longevity rather than avoid aging.

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