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3 Ways To Focus on Postpartum Wellness

Posted by     on February 14, 2018

Dr Della Parker_3 Ways To Focus on Postpartum Wellness

There is an inherent struggle experienced by many mothers, both first-timers and seasoned professionals alike, that comes along with introducing a new human to the world. The stress, the emotion, and the fundamental life changes that accompany new motherhood are demanding to say the least, and sometimes, making time for self-care and mental health can become less of a priority and more of a daydream. For all mothers, caregivers, and parents, taking time to replenish your own health and wellness is critical not just to yourself but to your whole family. Consider these three tips to help you and your family focus on postpartum wellness.

Reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and community members. When motherhood has you feeling overwhelmed, the support of loved ones can quickly turn feelings of despair into feelings of hope and love.

Don’t neglect nutrition, especially while breastfeeding. Keeping your body strong and nourished will help fight hopeless feelings that creep up when blood sugar drops.

Get outside as often as you can. If cold weather is an issue, many community centers offer “soft gyms’ where small babies can interact, and moms can commiserate.

Learn more about maintaining good nutrition for postpartum health with our Real Food Diet.

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