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3 Vitamins That Support Skin Health and The Foods To Find Them In

Posted by     on July 2, 2018

The Foods To Find Them In-2

Your skin health is at risk all summer long — sunburns and dehydration can put a damper on your whole season, as well as leave you at risk for bigger skin problems down the line, but if you make sure you are getting these three vital nutrients, you can protect your skin from the inside out.

3 Vitamins for Skin Health

Vitamin C — Vitamin C helps fight UV damage and is critical to the production of collagen and the maintenance of healthy blood vessels in the skin. Find it in yellow bell peppers, papaya, grapefruit, orange, lemon, kale, and strawberries, to name a few.

Vitamin E — Foods rich in the antioxidant vitamin E include spinach, nuts, seeds, sunflower oil. Free radicals that we encounter every day break down our skin’s collagen, antioxidants can counter this damage.

Vitamin A — Vitamin A can be found in carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, kale, butternut squash. Vitamin A speeds cell turnover, allowing healthy new cells to surface, but use caution with topical versions of the vitamin, for some can cause skin irritation.

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