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3 Things You Should Know About A Real Food Diet

Posted by     on April 4, 2018

Dr Della Parker_3 Things You Should Know About A Real Food Diet

Changes to our diets are some of the most significant changes we can make when our health is concerned. We strive for efficiency in our work, in our relationships and in the way we care for ourselves, which can often mean choosing food that requires little time or effort. Making the decision to eliminate or restrict processed foods from your diet is one that can revolutionize your health, just remember these three things:

3 Things You Should Know About A Real Food Diet

Water is Key

The first pillar of your real food diet is water. Commit to drinking enough water every day; ½ body weight in ounces daily (140lbs = 70oz water daily)

Food Intolerances Must Be Addressed

It is a good idea to have food intolerance testing performed before you dive into a real food diet. Identifying what other foods should be strictly avoided will make creating, establishing and executing your new diet far easier than otherwise.

Be Lenient (Sometimes)

Remember the 80/20 rule. We aren’t robots! Eat well 80% of the time but if you can tolerate it and you want a double fudge cupcake on your birthday, DO IT! And do it guilt free!

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