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3 Things To Know About Dried Blood Cell Analysis

Posted by     on March 5, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Dried_Blood_Cell_Analysis

It may be a term you’ve never heard before or one that you’ve wondered about but never pursued, either way, dried blood cell analysis as a vital tool in pinpointing many common ailments. Treatable maladies such as gut dysbiosis, liver congestion, adrenal fatigue or inflammation can all be identified easily through dried blood analysis.

Dried blood cell analysis identifies what is occurring in the body on a cellular level. It provides the practitioner a view of the body’s primary stresses or areas of weakness. This simple, in-office procedure is easily performed by collecting a couple droplets of blood from either the finger or earlobe. The blood is then let to dry on a slide and then observed under a microscope.        

Dried blood cell analysis is an awesome tool that can be performed regularly to monitor the patient’s progress and response to treatments. Dried blood cell analysis allows a naturopath to watch a patient’s blood quality improve right along with their symptoms.

Dried blood cell analysis is just one service offered by Dr. Della Parker at Stellar Health and Wellness Clinic. Dr. Della Parker treats all types of conditions, but has a special interest in digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid dysfunction. This year, make your health a priority. Learn about our Integrative Nutrition Counseling, Nutrition Response Testing, Injection Therapies, and other services. Contact Dr. Della Parker for an evaluation today or call 503-344-6631.

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