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3 Real Food Indulgences You Can Make At Home

Posted by     on March 9, 2018

Dr Della Parker_3 Real Food Indulgences You Can Make At Home

Real food is a pillar of holistic care. Overhauling your diet is often one of the initial actions taken by your naturopath and for good cause. Processed foods make up a significant portion of many of our diets, without providing anything close to a significant source of nutrients or vitamins. While diet and lifestyle changes may be a challenge, they can be a bit easier with a few tips and tricks. For instance, try these three homemade indulgences that are simple, delicious and truly beneficial to your health.

Chocolate Haystacks

Cocoa fiends fear not, you needn’t give up your precious chocolate for the sake of your good health. This effortless recipe for a decadent chocolate coconut cookie will satisfy any sweet tooth. Get the whole recipe here.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Keeping with the chocolate theme, this rich dessert pudding will put a toothy smile on any face. Top it with homemade whipped cream sweetened with honey or agave for an extra bit of sweet luxury. Get the whole recipe here.

Elvis Ice Cream

Frozen bananas blended with all natural peanut butter results in a faux ice cream so rich, creamy and delicious you’ll have a hard time believing just how good it is for you. Get the whole recipe here.

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