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Archive for November, 2016

Is A Sluggish Thyroid Causing Your Weight Gain?

Posted by     on November 22, 2016


Your thyroid is responsible for regulating many bodily functions including your metabolism and controlling your body’s fat-burning process. If your thyroid is not supplying proper levels of hormones to your body then weight loss and your overall health can be jeopardized. Poor thyroid function has been linked to serious health conditions like fibromyalgia, irritable bowel […]

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Detox with Chlorella aka: Fresh Water Seaweed

Posted by     on November 18, 2016


Often referred to as a near-perfect food, Chlorella is a type of freshwater algae that provides many health benefits. Chlorella is especially helpful with detoxing the body of toxins such as mercury. If you are experiencing fatigue, aching joints, depression, anxiety, digestive distress, kidney damage or infertility you could be dealing with symptoms of a […]

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Boost Your Immune System with Echinacea

Posted by     on November 14, 2016


Echinacea is a widely used herbal medication to combat colds and infections. This herb’s antibacterial and antibiotic properties help to support a healthy immune system and reduce inflammation. Echinacea is able to activate your body’s immune response to combat both bacterial and viral infections. Add echinacea to your daily routine to improve your immune system […]

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Digestion 1-2-3

Posted by     on November 8, 2016


The holidays are here and I know… Santa told me… You are all eating like crap! So I thought I would write up a quick description of the digestive process to help you pinpoint what ails ya.  Below I have listed the job, the prob, and the fix for the 3 main areas of digestion. […]

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Thanksgiving Stuffing Paleo-Style

Posted by     on November 4, 2016


This Paleo-styled stuffing is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. With bacon, sweet potatoes, cranberries, mushrooms, and pecans this stuffing has something delicious for everyone. Remember, you don’t have to jeopardize your health to enjoy a great Thanksgiving dinner! Thanksgiving Stuffing Paleo-Style Print Recipe CourseSide Dish Thanksgiving Stuffing Paleo-Style Print Recipe CourseSide Dish Ingredients […]

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