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What Folks Are Saying About Stellar

Posted by     on April 2, 2018

Dr_Della_Parker_Holistic Health Care Results & Reviews

As with any professional service, an honest recommendation can go pretty far. We celebrate each of our patients and as a result, we often find them celebrating us as well. These testimonials left by our honored patients may give you an idea not just of how we operate, but of how important and special our patients and their health and wellness are to us.

“Dr. Della Parker helped diagnose and treat me for a condition my physician previously missed.  The pain did not subside even though medication continued to be prescribed. I have been going to Dr. Della Parker for years now and cannot say enough good things about her. I love going the natural route to getting healthy and will continue seeing her for as long as I live.” – L.S.

“We feel blessed to have found Dr. Parker. My husband & I have been to several naturopaths over the years, and she is by far the best. She is very thorough and detailed, and explains our health issues clearly. She has an amazing understanding of the body and how to read what is going on within. We are both feeling better & have total confidence in Dr. Parker.” – L.B.

“When I started going to Dr. Della, my eczema was so bad that my hands were covered in cracks and would peel and bleed constantly. After years of going to the dermatologist and using heavy steroid ointments that were very pricey, I was fed up with the constant issues that I had with my skin. Within six months of seeing Dr. Della, I was able to stop using any form of steroids, and my skin has been clear ever since!” – K.S.

Dr. Della Parker treats all types of conditions, but has a special interest in digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, and thyroid dysfunction. This year, make your health a priority. Learn about our Integrative Nutrition Counseling, Nutrition Response Testing, Injection Therapies, and other services. Contact Dr. Della Parker for an evaluation today or call 503-344-6631.

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