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Toxins in Plastic & How to Avoid Them

Posted by     on December 6, 2018

Stellar Mommies here to share some general information about all the plastic in our lives, the toxins in those plastic products, and how to avoid them.

First off, take a few seconds to look around and take note of how much plastic your surrounded by at this moment. We’re sure it’s more than you would initially realize. Plastic is a major part of our daily lives. Plastic can be found everywhere, from the disposable coffee cups we use in the morning to the shampoo and conditioner bottles we use in the shower, shopping bags, food containers, lotion bottles, ice cube trays, and so much more! Even plastic that is BPA-Free contains toxins that are not good for you.

Plastic toxins can disrupt your hormones, prevent Vitamin-D absorption, and we’re still discovering more negative effects of plastic toxins in the human body. Finding small ways to eliminate plastic from your daily life can make a big difference in your overall toxin intake.

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