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Top 5 Strategies for a Happier Holiday Season

Posted by     on December 20, 2018


Happy Holidays! Dr. Andrea Herrst is here to share her top 5 strategies for a happier holiday season.

With so many tasks, events, and traditions during the holiday season it’s no wonder why so many of us become overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s time to reclaim your holiday by enjoying your family and prioritize the things that truly bring you joy!

1. Drink More Water
During the winter months we spend more of our time indoors which means we’re breathing recycled and dry air. Dry recycled air paired with all our other dehydrating holiday habits (such as drinking alcohol) contribute to lower energy. Try drinking more water for a happier holiday season.

2. Get Enough Sleep
There may be more tasks to accomplish during the holiday season but that is no reason to deprive yourself of sleep. Staying up late to squeeze in more holiday decorating, baking, or wrapping won’t equate to a happier holiday if it means you’ve deprived yourself of the sleep you need to enjoy your hard work. Try to get your 7-9 hours of sleep every night this holiday season.

3. Make a List
Think through your to-do-list and prioritize the items that make you happy rather than overwhelming yourself with tasks that don’t contribute to positive memories. Talk to your family and eliminate traditions or tasks that no longer bring joy and replace them with new ideas that better serve your holiday enjoyment.

4. Spend Within Your Means
Set a budget and stick to it, more is not always better. Focus on quality time and activities rather than objects. Look at the entire budget including things such as gifts, decorations, transportation, wrapping paper, holiday parties, dry cleaning, and more. Set a budget with your partner before shopping to avoid unnecessary financial stress during the holiday season.

5. Stay Moving
It can be very difficult to avoid stress during the holiday season. Holiday travel, food, and additional activities can affect the way our bodies deal with stress. The best way to reduce and relieve stress is to keep moving! Walk, do some squats or lunges, and stretch every day to keep moving, reduce stress, and enjoy your holiday.

Stellar Health and Wellness wishes you a healthy and happy holiday!

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