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Top 4 Morning Tips to Have the Best Day Ever!

Posted by     on January 10, 2019

Stellar Mommies want you to have the best day ever! Establishing a morning routine is the best way to make your whole day rock and feel amazing. Try implementing these good morning tips and let us know how much better you feel in your new daily routine.

  1. Wake up: Waking up at the same time every day will establish a routine for your body including your cortisol levels. Waking up at different times in the morning makes it difficult for your body to predict when to release cortisol, which can prevent you from feeling your best. Getting at LEAST 7 hours of sleep each night will also help you feel great every day. Just by being awake your brain experiences damage. Your brain heals from this daily damage when your sleeping. So, if you don’t get a full 7 hours of sleep each night, then you’re accumulating damage.
  2. Drink water: Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up each morning. Throughout the night your body is dehydrating itself and needs to be replenished. Before going to bed at night put a glass of water on your nightstand, then as soon as you wake up drink your water to help yourself have a great day!
  3. Breakfast: Eat breakfast! Fats and proteins are best for breakfast. Steer clear of grains, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, and sugar in the morning. Carbohydrates and simple sugars are like the kindling to your metabolism while fats and proteins are the wood logs on the fire. You want to add long-lasting fuel to your body, so you don’t experience an energy crash halfway through your day.
  4. Hydrotherapy: Always end your shower in cool or cold water. When your body gets cold, your blood moves in towards your heart to protect your vital organs. You’re your body gets warm, your blood moves outward towards your extremities. Moving blood is so good for your immune system and inflammation. Give it a try!

Have the Best Day!

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