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Top 3 Mommy Blog Posts at Stellar Health and Wellness

Posted by     on August 22, 2018

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Our blog has been up for three years and there are some posts that seem to resonate year after year. They are evergreen with relevancy and information. We picked the three most popular mommy blogs of all time.

Mommy Needs A Detox!

Mommy just needs a break, am I right!? If you are like most moms I know, you have been running yourself ragged throughout the year buying gifts for everyone, baking, hosting, visiting Santa, entertaining the kids while they’re on break. Oh wait, now they’re sick. So are you, but you don’t have time to stop. You constantly take care of everything and everyone but yourself.

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Super Liver Detox Smoothie Recipe

Speaking of detox, our smoothie detox recipe is a hit! Toxins are everywhere! Our food, air, water, cleaning products, and even our hygiene products are full of toxins. It is up to the liver to clean up and remove all those nasty toxins from our bloodstream. Give your liver some love with this super liver detox smoothie.

Click the following link for the full Liver Detox Smoothie Recipe

Top 5 Mommy Health Fails…and Fixes!

Our number one blog post of all time details five areas of health moms may be overlooking and a solution for each one. Everyone relies on mom. And everyone knows the house just doesn’t function without you. So, what happens when you get overstressed, tired, and just burnt out? Nothing! You probably already are, yet you still take care of everyone but yourself. The problem is that you are burning out your adrenal glands big time! When these little stress handlers take a dive, so does your health.

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