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Top 10 Calcium Rich Food Sources

Posted by     on January 27, 2017

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If you have tooth decay, muscle tension, high blood pressure, Osteopenia or Osteoporosis you may be experiencing symptoms of a calcium deficiency. Many of us know that our bodies use calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Many of us grew up being told to drink a glass of milk every day to grow big and strong. While calcium is important for maintaining healthy bones and strong teeth it’s not always about dairy and calcium is needed for more than just bones! Your body releases calcium into the bloodstream when it is needed for blood clotting, optimal nerve transmission, hormone secretion and more. Calcium supplements are available but your body also need magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K in order to properly absorb and utilize the calcium which is why natural food sources are ideal for calcium absorption. Check out the top 10 calcium rich food sources below.

Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods

1) Raw Milk
1 cup: 300 mg (30% DV)

2) Kale (cooked)
1 cup: 245 mg (24% DV)

3) Sardines (with bones)
2 ounces: 217 mg (21% DV)

4) Yogurt or Kefir
6 oz: 300 mg (30% DV)

5) Broccoli
1 ½ cup cooked: 93 mg (9% DV)

6) Watercress
1 cup: 41 mg (4% DV)

7) Cheese
1 oz: 224 mg (22% DV)

8) Bok Choy
1 cup:74 mg (7% DV)

9) Okra
1 cup: 82 mg (8% DV)

10) Almonds
1 oz: 76 mg (8% DV)

Dr. Della Parker promotes what she calls the Real Food Diet. To follow the real food diet or a modified paleo diet you basically you need to eat real food! So here it is… Meat, vegetables, and fruit. Click to learn more about this Real Food Diet and Contact Dr. Della Parker today.

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