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The Real Deal on Cholesterol

Posted by     on March 7, 2019

What is a Functional Lab Analysis?

A functional lab analysis requires getting some lab work done or bringing in recent blood work you’ve already had done and then together going through it line by line to ensure you understand what each item means. After a functional lab analysis, you’ll understand what areas of the body are in an ideal place and what areas may be under stress and prone to dysfunction. Understanding this can be key in preventing future disease.

How to Read Your Cholesterol Panel?

One item that we would cover in your functional lab analysis is cholesterol. When you get your cholesterol done, you’ll receive 4-5 numbers on your cholesterol panel.

  1. Total Cholesterol: The total cholesterol number will vary based on the lab but anything close to 200 and under 220 is ideal.
  2. HDL Cholesterol: Your HDL cholesterol is considered the “good” cholesterol meaning it is protective to your heart. The higher your HDL the better, anything above 55 is considered excellent.
  3. LDL Cholesterol: Your LDL cholesterol is considered the “bad” cholesterol. Ideally, we want this number to stay below 120.
  4. Triglycerides: Most important are the triglycerides, a type of fat found in your blood. Triglycerides tell us how well your body is processing sugars. Ideally, we want to see this number below 100. When looking at your cholesterol, elevated triglycerides are considered dangerous to your health.

If you have elevated triglycerides or want to learn more about your cholesterol numbers, contact Stellar Health and Wellness to schedule a functional lab analysis

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