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The Clear Liquid

Posted by     on February 22, 2017


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We hear so much about water. Does it really matter what kind you drink or if you drink the stuff at all? YES!! Are you kidding me right now? Our bodies are made of the stuff and need it to properly function. You actually need ½ your body weight in ounces. Yes, I know, it’s a lot, but it is required for the actual functioning of your body. By the way I get it that coffee is made with water but it is NOT the same thing! You need to be drinking pure water. I will let you slide by adding some fresh fruit in it for flavor, but that’s it! I’m talking a lemon, or a strawberry. No kool-aid, no mio crap, no zip fizz, just drink water minus all the funky chemicals and caffeine additives. Want to drink less? Then hit the gym and loose a few pounds, because the equation is ½ your body weight in ounces! There, I said it twice. “But it doesn’t taste good” Duh, it’s water. And now you have actually told me that you have a sugar problem. Put down the sugar and your water will become a much more enjoyable liquid.

Still need convincing? Let me paint you a pretty picture… If you don’t drink water your liver has a hard time detoxing and your bowels have a hard time moving. If you don’t poop every day (which is a whole other blog) you are resorbing toxins that were meant for elimination! This is even more work for your poor liver. Your liver’s job is to basically flush garbage from the body. Now, let’s think of something else with that exact same job… You got it, a toilet! It flushes garbage. Now, picture your liver working, like a toilet… flushing garbage… without water… Gross! Drink the clear liquid!

So, water is water right? Wrong. I have an opinion about everything, especially water so here it is! By the way this info comes from testing water on patients. What does that mean? I use a voodoo science called muscle testing. It tells us about substances that your body likes or dislikes. No two bodies are the same but this is the general conclusion that I have come to over several years of testing:

Reverse osmosis water Throw it out! Dasani, Aquafina, anything that boasts being processed by “RO” like it’s a good thing, don’t drink it! Why? Well, it’s a little hard to explain, especially if you have never taken chemistry but hang in there. Water (H2O) has the possibility of being a right-handed molecule or a left-handed molecule. Basically the same thing but slightly different. Reverse osmosis (RO) changes natural H2O from Right handed to Left handed (or vice versa) doesn’t really matter. But now your body is getting an awkward handshake and has trouble absorbing it properly. You should absorb the water you drink, obviously, or what is the point?

Alkaline water or 9.2 pH water, What!? I’m unsure why people think that alkalizing water is a god send. Actually, natural water slightly more alkaline than neutral is what God sent. Most people’s bodies do not respond well to this very alkalized form of water. A pH in the 7-8 range makes your body much happier.

Spring water now you’re getting closer. Usually this stuff is good but occasionally the spring has some funk in it that ends up in the water. We hear about these random contaminations in the news. So, 90% of the time this is a good option but you never know.

Tap water still generally ok if you live here in Portland depending on how old the pipes in your home are. We still have those same random contamination issues to think about, but generally it is ok. Now if you live somewhere like Florida or even Washington where the water is full of chlorine don’t even think about it!! That stuff is Nasty!

Distilled water is the gold standard. Basically, good ol’ natural spring water that has undergone a process similar the natural water cycle that makes rain. Evaporation, condensation, then precipitation to completely purify the water. We know it is clean and pure. But now there are no minerals. Oh my! First of all, if you need to get your daily recommendation of minerals from water you seriously need to think about picking up a veggie! But if you’re still worried, someone smart created smart water! This water is distilled, therefore squeaky clean and has all the minerals added back in. Yummy!

I hope you can now make the best choice possible when hydrating your body. Visit Drdellaparker.com for more information. CHEERS!

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