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Natural Ways To Detox Your Skin

Posted by     on April 27, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Natural Ways To Detox Your Skin

Spring’s sunshine has happily driven all of us out of doors, and after a winter season that has been particularly reluctant to pass, we could all use a bit of warm sunshine on our faces. But this chilly winter may have left your skin feeling less than springtime ready — and it that case here are three natural ways to improve your skin health just in time for picnic-in-the-park weather.

3 Natural Ways To Improve Skin Health

Aloe Vera — This common plant’s fleshy gel contains valuable salicylic acid, a valuable and effective anti-inflammatory. Aloe also promotes skin growth and repair, reducing dryness and inflammation caused by rough winter winds. Pro-tip: When buying drugstore varieties of aloe vera gel make sure to purchase pure aloe and avoid the fillers.

Honey — Found in many luxury and drugstore skincare products, honey is a fantastic natural treatment for dry skin conditions as well as acne issues. Honey’s humectant powers hold moisture in the skin, and as an anti-irritant, it’s ideal for sensitive skin still reeling from winter weather.

Oatmeal —  There is a comfort in knowing that it’s likely your ancestors used oatmeal as a natural skin soother, and its popularity hasn’t waned in the ensuing decades. This centuries-old cure is used to calm inflamed skin and to gently exfoliate and help skin retain vital moisture. Oatmeal baths are a great way to not just pamper your skin but also to spoil yourself with a fragrant warm bath.

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