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Meal Planning & You – 3 Ways Meal Planning Supports Your Health

Posted by     on June 13, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Meal Planning & You - 3 Ways Meal Planning Supports Your Health

Whether you’re meal planning for weight loss, better health, or simple convenience, accountability is key. There are reasons besides these to commit to weekly meal planning — you can streamline grocery costs, save significant time, learn new cooking and meal prep skills, and focus on foods that make you feel great.

3 Ways Meal Planning Supports Your Health


Your meal plan affords you the flexibility to eat whole foods, partake in small indulgences, and even not cook. That same flexibility gives you control over and an understanding of how each food you eat makes you feel.

Portion Control

Learning about portion control is another way meal planning supports your optimal health. Overeating is easy and often encourages — meal planning eliminates the option to indulge without discretion, making you hyper-aware of what the appropriate portions for your body truly are.


When working with a nutrition counselor, meal planning can be revelatory — learn more about how certain foods affect you, how eating at different times can result in digestive issues, and any intolerances you may have can be discovered and addressed. Additionally, a nutritional counselor will provide much needed accountability.

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