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Clackamas Massage Therapy

At our naturopathic clinic, we believe that massage therapy is part of a holistic approach to health

Massage Therapy & Wellness: A Holistic Approach for Clackamas

Many people think that massage is for only either general relaxation or severe pain as the result of an injury. But have you ever stopped to think about the profound benefit physical relaxation can have on your entire system?

When was the last time you fully relaxed? I mean completely relaxed. Let your mind wander in a positive direction, let your body melt…can you even remember? For some people, it can be hard to even feel relaxed during sleep.

Yet relaxation is so important as an antidote to stress. And in today’s world, stress is everywhere and often seems unrelenting. In addition, stress can be a major contributor to chronic disease.

As a busy mama, you must prioritize relaxation to manage your stress. Frequent massage is the best way to decrease the tone of your nervous system and help you unwind so the circuit doesn’t blow and you can be there to the fullest for everyone who needs you.

Studies have shown that massage therapy is also beneficial for

  • Increasing immune function
  • Improving energy and circulation
  • Decreasing aches and pains
  • Improving range of motion
  • Relieving headaches
  • Promoting tissue regeneration

For these reasons and more, we highly recommend a regular visit to our licensed massage therapist in Clackamas as an adjunct therapy to all other services provided at Stellar Health & Wellness. Massage is part of our holistic approach to care, helping to ensure that our patients achieve the highest level of health possible.

Stellar Health & Wellness offers many great kinds of massage therapy in Clackamas

Types of Massage Therapy in Clackamas at Stellar Health & Wellness

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most basic form of relaxation massage therapy. The technique involves the massage therapist using a variety of long, flowing strokes to relax and invigorate the body. This is ideal for lowing the nervous tone for that busy momma and helping preserve adrenal function.

Thai Massage

This form of massage is very different than what most think of when they imagine a massage. The Thai massage technique involves your massage therapist pulling, stretching, pressing, and even rocking you into different positions as they apply pressure to different parts of the body. This form of massage is very ancient and feels great.

Deep Tissue Massage/Trigger Point Massage

Deep tissue massage is one of the most commonly sought-after kinds of massage out there. The technique is focused on releasing pent-up tension in the deep layers of the muscle using deep, deliberate, and focused massage strokes. This is perfect for those areas of high tension and knots that are causing pain and leading to more stress.

While some may be under the impression that it takes a lot of muscle to be able to give a good deep-tissue massage, the key is more in the application of force than the amount. If this is the kind of massage you’re after, our licensed massage therapist will be more than up to it!

Prenatal Massage

Being pregnant is hard on the body. Prenatal massage can reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, decrease symptoms of depression, and even improve labor outcomes and newborn health. The most stressful thing your body can do is to grow another human. This is not just for pampering – it is an outlet that relieves stress and restores function to the changing mom’s body.

Oncology Massage

An oncology massage can only be administered by a massage therapist who is trained in how cancer and cancer treatment affects the body. Using traditional massage techniques, a trained oncology massage therapist can help to alleviate the pains of cancer as well as those of the treatments a patient is undergoing to fight it.

Hot Stone Massage

The method of hot stone massage involves pre-heating stones to a specific not-too-warm and not-too-cold temperature. When you arrive, you are massaged with oil – the stones are either used in the massage motions themselves or are placed at different points on the body after that area has already been massaged. This is a full-body experience and is extremely relaxing.

Chair Massage

Chair massages are great for that mom on the go who doesn’t have time during a visit for a full massage session. But short doesn’t mean ineffective – our trained massage therapist knows how to get the most out of your time in the chair, relieving tension and promoting overall wellness.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a bodywork technique that uses a cup with a means of suction to create therapeutic decompression. You can recognize cupping by the temporary red marks it leaves where the cup was applied – like a hickey, except this targeted approach breaks up muscle adhesions and separates the fascia. This therapy helps resolve the congestion and adhesions that cause pain in the body and is ideal for relieving tension in very stubborn areas.

Our Clackamas massage therapists are trained in prenatal massage

Clackamas Massage Therapy FAQ

  • How long are the massage sessions at your Clackamas holistic health clinic?
  • Typically our sessions last either 30 minutes or an hour. The major exception to this is our chair massage service, which is shorter.
  • Will I be covered during the session?
  • During a traditional-style massage (e.g. Swedish or deep tissue massage), only the parts of your body that are being targeted will be exposed. Some styles of massage such as chair and Thai massage do not use a covering as you are not necessarily lying down throughout the session. Regardless of style, you will be kept warm and comfortable during our time together.
  • Do I need to be completely undressed for a massage at Stellar Health & Wellness?
  • It depends on your comfort level – you do what is comfortable for you. Another factor is whether the massage is full body or targeted on a specific area. If the latter, then there is no need to be fully unclothed. But again, it is up to you.
  • Should I tip for a massage at your clinic?
  • Since we are a holistic medicine clinic and not simply a massage place, we like to think that you are coming to us not simply for casual relaxation but for massage as part of medical treatment. Since you don’t tip your doctor, you also should not expect to tip your massage therapist when visiting us.
  • How often should I receive a massage?
  • The short answer is however often you like! Your massage therapist along with the rest of the team here at Stellar Health & Wellness will work together with you to determine what’s best. Sometimes it is helpful to wait at least a couple days between massages to allow your body to recover.
  • What is the benefit of using a massage therapist who is licensed?
  • Licensed massage therapists are those who are recognized by government agencies as being well-trained in their craft and able to safely administer massage therapy. When paying for a massage, you will want to seek out a licensed massage therapist like Yvonne.
Image of our massage therapist at work

What People Are Saying about Massage Therapy at Stellar Health & Wellness

“Yvonne is awesome! I’ve had many massages from many therapists over the last few years Yvonne is tops! I’m a runner and recently had some knee and hip injuries, Yvonne targeted the muscles affected in my injuries and gave me some stretches to help and my injuries haven’t returned. So thankful and happy I found Aspen Massage. I highly recommend Yvonne!” – Liz M.

“Yvonne takes great care of her clients and always ensures that my visits are relaxing and tailored to meet my specific needs!” – Karen

“I have been to several massage therapists. Yvonne is amazing! I have been having shoulder and neck pain for so long and she seriously helped work out some tightness and pain. Her location is very convenient and the ambiance is perfect. It has a very relaxed and spa-like feel without the pretentiousness some spas have.  I can’t wait to go back to her!!” – Heather

“Amazing! I’ve never been really comfortable getting massages, but have been so stressed lately from work and school, I decided to give a massage a twirl again. I’m sooo glad I did! Yvonne is EXCELLENT at what she does! She is very approachable, warm, and friendly. The environment is clean and comfy. I got a massage one day when it was almost 100 degrees out, and yet I felt cozy in her office….great zen-like atmosphere. Best of all, she has been able to work out all the stiffness and kinks as the result of sitting at a desk all day…my back has never felt better!” – Liz H.

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