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Holistic Health Care in Clackamas

Posted by     on September 1, 2017

Dr Della Parker_naturopathic_doctor_in_Clackamas

Holistic health care is a great option for anyone looking for answers and a long-term solution rather than a quick symptom fix. There is nothing worse than feeling ill or simply not yourself, going to the doctor’s office seeking an explanation, and leaving with a prescription and even more questions than when you arrived. Doctors who practice holistic health care look at the entire picture, this includes how you’re sleeping, what you’re eating, your daily habits, how you’re handling stress and the status of your lab results. If your doctor has been treating your symptoms rather than finding the cause of the problem you may want to consider seeing a holistic doctor.

Dr. Della Parker utilizes tools such as dried blood cell analysis, Nutritional response testing, and functional lab evaluation to help her determine the cause of someone’s symptoms and then she supplies what the body requires to restore balance. Dr. Della Parker is a board-certified physician specializing in holistic medicine with a practice in Clackamas, Oregon. She has studied a variety of diagnostic and treatment modalities but chooses to practice in a way that merges both energetic and scientific ideals. If you live in Clackamas and are ready to take control of your health call Dr. Della Parker for a free consultation today.

Dr. Della Parker doesn’t treat diseases she treats people with diseases and provides individualized treatment plans. Call now for a free consultation: 503-344-6631

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