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Help Losing Weight with Integrative Nutritional Counseling in Portland

Posted by     on August 13, 2018

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Out of 19,000 major cities in the United States, Portland ranks in the top 100 most overweight cities—just barely though. According to WalletHub, Portland, Oregon ranks exactly 100th

If you have already tried any of the popular weight loss fads; Take Shape for Life, Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Jenny Craig, or Liposuction, you know how hard it is to lose weight. You may also know that it is even harder to keep it off.

Losing weight and keeping it off usually stems from lifestyle and behavior—not just what you eat or when you eat. This is where Integrative Nutritional Counseling comes in. At Stellar Health and Wellness, our Integrative Nutritional Counselor, Amy Hardesty, provides Portland residents with the tools they need to keep the weight off for the long term. Amy went through all the same programs, finding that they all offered only temporary weight loss; the pounds eventually came back. She also realized that she never had the support or accountability that is needed for long-term success.

There are three reasons why Nutritional Counseling with Amy Hardesty works; sympathy, support and accountability.  Read how Amy provides all three essentials for weight loss.

Call Integrative Nutritionist Amy Hardesty today at (503) 344-6631. Amy is one of the health and wellness professionals at Stellar HW, a holistic health clinic in Clackamas.

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