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Eating When Traveling

Posted by     on October 29, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Eating When Traveling

Knowing what to eat or how much to eat is a real challenge for most of us. Many people can get in a good routine when it comes to eating at home but when we go out things get…more complicated. So, what about eating while traveling? Sounds like a diet disaster, right? Wrong! Follow these simple eating when traveling rules and enjoy your vacation while maintaining healthy eating habits.

#1. Relax

Please don’t stress about eating the occasional crappy airport food or convenience store packages. Your body will recover I promise.

And if you DO have to, follow these tips when you find yourself walking into a 7 eleven or are stuck in starving Denver International.

#2. Choose Protein

When in doubt go for protein. It helps balance your blood sugar, is more sustaining and satiating while you’re in between airports or cities.

Choose things like hard-boiled eggs, nuts, trail mix, jerky, tuna, egg or chicken salad. It will also help prevent sugar cravings and reaching for the Oreos.

#3. Keep Your Eye Out

More and more natural alternatives and options are popping up in airports and cities and towns.

This has been super fun to see. I have to say that Minneapolis airport is the bomb. They sell Kombucha in several of their food venues and have LOTS of organic local options.

I’ve noticed too, more gluten-free and dairy free options.

And when in doubt, just ask.

#4. Bring Your Own

This is a must for me. I have a ready-to-go bag always before I travel with protein powder, protein bars, nuts, seeds, and jerky so when I’m inna pinch I know I have at least SOMETHING to throw down the hatch.

#5. Shop Local

Wherever I go I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting local markets, restaurants (no chains please) and grocery stores.

This allows for the full experience of wherever it is you’re visiting and a taste of local flair.

Be brave. Branch out.


Wait? What’s the phrase?

Oh, right.

 “When in Rome?”

#6. Ask The Natives

People LOVE to brag about where they live, and they LOVE it when tourist are interested in local cuisine.

So, whatever town, city, country I’m in I make it a habit to ask around to see what foods, restaurants, markets, and grocery stores are recommended.

And then I go play.

Dr. Della Parker promotes what she calls the Real Food Diet. To follow the real food diet or a modified paleo diet you basically you need to eat real food! So here it is… Meat, vegetables and fruit. This is why our stomach pH is acidic and we have teeth meant for shredding and tearing. Animal protein provides you with nutrients, amino acids, and collagen that cannot be found in other foods.

SRC: Learn Eating When Traveling Tip #7 at: www.drtandacook.com/eating-while-traveling/


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