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Dr. Della Parker: A Holistic Doctor in Clackamas

Posted by     on March 26, 2017

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A holistic doctor is a people doctor. As a holistic doctor, Dr. Della Parker is able to identify what is causing a health problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. Once the health problem has been identified she can discover why the problem developed in the first place and supply what is needed to restore balance to the body. Dr. Della Parker graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University and then graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine. As a board certified physical specializing in holistic medicine, Dr. Della Parker currently has a practice in Clackamas, Oregon. Learn about Dr. Della Parker’s personal health journey below.

Dr. Della has struggled with health problems throughout her life. Severe asthma and eczema as a child led her down a path of chronic steroid use, which led to many other health problems. It wasn’t until she took a job as a receptionist at a holistic health clinic that she realized how health care could be different. Making basic changes to diet and lifestyle as well as being treated with the holistic model of health, she was able to regain and take control of her health. This experience put her on the path of becoming a Naturopathic Physician.

Most conventional doctors use a “cookbook” approach to treating patients. They use protocols to treat diseases while disregarding the host. This takes the functioning of the individual’s body out of the equation. Dr. Della rejects this idea and instead uses a holistic approach to treatments. Using the holistic model means that the whole person is addressed. For example, ten different patients could present with high cholesterol. They each may receive a different treatment recommendation based on the functioning of their whole body.

Dr. Della doesn’t treat diseases she treats people with diseases and provides individualized treatment plans.

By investigating the individual as well as the condition, the cause of the problem can be isolated and more successfully treated.

Dr. Della treats all types of conditions but has a special interest in digestive problems, chronic fatigue, and thyroid dysfunction. Contact Dr. Della Parker if you’re seeking a holistic approach to obtain optimal health or Call 503.344.6631 for a Free Consultation.

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