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Digestion 1-2-3

Posted by     on November 8, 2016


The holidays are here and I know… Santa told me… You are all eating like crap! So I thought I would write up a quick description of the digestive process to help you pinpoint what ails ya.  Below I have listed the job, the prob, and the fix for the 3 main areas of digestion. Enjoy!

1. Stomach

Job: To break down proteins. A healthy stomach should be full of acidic digestive juices to break down those proteins and signal the rest of the digestive happenings. Stomach acid is super important! Taking antacids on the regular messes with your whole digestive process at the very beginning. So quit taking them unless you have an ulcer, and find out the real reason you have heartburn!

Prob: Smelly gas! Uh-oh. This is everyone’s least favorite of the gasses. If proteins are not broken down properly they become rancid. That rancidity just festers all the way down that tube until it is released as a gawd awful smell. This means dense proteins, like your holiday ham or roast are just going to make things worse.

Fix: Well, you need to add more acid at the top of that tube to get those proteins handled. My favorite product for this is Zypan by standard process, but you will have to see me to get those goods, cause they can only be sold by docs. A more mild remedy can be achieved at home by using apple cider vinegar. I generally recommend 1 Tbsp before each meal. Your friends and family will thank you!

2. Small Intestine

Job: This is where fats are broken down. Fats don’t really get broken down, they get emulsified. This happens when the gallbladder dumps bile into the small intestine. This calls for a working gallbladder or to have one at all! People let doctors remove that organ willie nillie all the time. Well, you need the thing!

Prob: Nausea, burping, and bloating. Slathering butter on things is normally a good time, but not if your fats aren’t being emulsified. Burping can also be a good time… if you’re at a frat party that is. But if you’ve moved on from your frat days, then you will need to get your small intestine, aka duodenum fixed up in order to feel better.

Fix: There are couple things that can help. First off stimulating bile release will help. Bile salts can be purchased at most natural food stores. Of course I prefer specialized whole food products like cholacol from standard process. Again, you gotta see me for the good stuff! The other thing you can do is soothe that irritated duodenum. Aloe juice can heal up an irritated small intestine which will decrease some of your discomfort.

3. Large Intestine

Job: This is land of carbohydrate break down. This process occurs thanks to an enzyme called amylase. Amylase is mostly secreted by the pancreas. There are also small amounts in your saliva. The pancreas? Yeah I know you thought that thing was all about blood sugar!? Well, it is but it also has what we call an exocrine function in addition to its endocrine function. Blah blah blah it releases enzymes for digestion too.

Prob: When carbs are just chillin’ they become fermented. This also creates gas. But not the smelly variety. More like the wind variety. Not silent but deadly, more like loud and proud cause there’s no odor. Cookies, cakes, pies… yep they are all going to ramp up that fermentation process. Did you just think ‘yeast’ when you heard fermentation? You are so smart! Yes, this is how that yeasty gut can form. The evil, ever hard to kill, candida.

Fix: Lactic acid yeast, is also a standard process product, and it is a wonderful way to help the large intestines break up that air. Products that contain pancreatic enzymes such as amylase or pancreatin can also be helpful. Once that yeast has flared, you are in a whole other state. Call for an appointment and I will fix you right up ; )

Bio-Gest Is a product that can be found on my web store. It contains HCL to help #1, ox- bile to help #2, and Pancreatin to help #3. That should cover all your bases! Remember, I always recommend a healthy diet. But it is the holiday season and I think you should be rewarded for eating well the rest of the year. So eat responsibly or not, but take your supplements first!

You thought I was done huh!? One more thing to add… Food Intolerances. It is almost universal that the body lacks specific enzymes to break down at least one food or a combination of foods. When you can’t break a food down correctly you create inflammation. That inflammation goes to wherever the heck it wants to cause problems. I urge you to figure out what food or foods is your problem causer. This helps you to make better food choices all year round. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Inflammation is bad! It is the cause of ALL chronic disease. Come in and get poked so we can decrease your inflammatory load. Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!


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