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Deep Breathing Techniques

Posted by     on November 1, 2018

Stellar Health and Wellness is excited to share some deep breathing techniques and exercises with you! Special guest, Eisley, will guide you through four of her favorite different deep breathing exercises plus her very own bedtime mediation routine. Practice these deep breathing techniques when you feel stressed or overwhelmed to calm your mind and body. The benefits of meditation and deep breathing include lowering your blood pressure, reducing anxiety, and helping your adrenal gland function. Don’t miss out on the deep breathing exercises demonstrated in the video above and listed below.

Deep Breathing Exercises

  1. Lazy 8 Breathing
  2. The Six Sides of Breathing
  3. Hot Soup Breathing
  4. 5 Finger Breathing

Eisley’s Bedtime Meditation Guide

  1. Imagine the earth/ground stuck to your feet
  2. Imagine the sunlight coming through your head, body and down to your toes
  3. Imagine branches coming up from the earth through your toes, body, and head
  4. Then they come together in your body, cleaning out your system, and releasing everything out through your lower back.

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