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Contemporary Integrative Nutrition In Your Pocket

Posted by     on April 16, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Contemporary Integrative Nutrition In Your Pocket

Our smartphones are already our point of contact to the rest of the world. Many people manage not only their contact databases with their phones but also their schedules, their financials, their hobbies, and their entertainment. It stands to reason that a comprehensive health app could be hugely beneficial to those who live their lives with their smartphone clutched firmly in their fingers.

Stellar Health and Wellness utilizes the Healthie app as a way to create accountability with our Integrative Nutrition patients. The Healthie app is remarkable for a number of reasons, not limited to:

  • Continuity of Care
  • Increased Accountability Between Visits
  • Providing an Easy Patient Experience
  • Extended Provider Services Like Weekly Videos and Webinars
  • Journaling, Photo Logging, Goal Setting, and Selfies to Track Progress
  • Get Answers On-the-Go on Chat or Video/Telehealth
  • Reinforcement of Goals and Quick Course Corrections
  • Virtual Counseling at any Time
  • Access from any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones
  • HIPAA and PCI-compliant security
  • Integrations and Resources to Fit Your Specific Needs
  • Extensive Support and Resources

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