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Avoid These 3 Foods During A Breakout

Posted by     on March 14, 2018

Dr Della Parker_Avoid These 3 Foods During A Breakout

Acne happens to most people, and as such it’s nothing to be terribly ashamed of, however, it can contribute to social discomfort and low self-esteem, as well as painful bouts of inflammation. Knowing your specific acne triggers can help you manage breakouts and if you suspect your acne triggers are food based, then take a look at these three foods to definitely avoid during a breakout.

Avoid These 3 Foods During A Breakout

Skim milk. NYC dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka advises that “Skim milk can make acne worse. It contains bovine growth hormones that are fat-dissolvable. Since there’s no fat in skim milk, they don’t dissolve. Those hormones, left in the body, can result in acne.”

Refined carbohydrates. While acne triggers vary from person to person, a safe assumption is that refined carbohydrates do not support a healthy system. Dermatologists from coast to coast agree that common food acne triggers include dairy, sugar, and a diet high in refined carbohydrates like pasta, bread, and white rice.

Spicy foods. Spicy foods may also be a significant trigger for many. A 2006 study in the Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal showed that acne patients tend to link spices to a general worsening of acne and heightened frequency of breakouts.

Eliminate these foods one by one to examine how each elimination affects your skin health.

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